Board of Trustees

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, 11/08/2018 at 7:00 pm.

Join us the second Thursday of each month in the children’s room of the library for the Keyport Public Library’s Board of Trustees Meeting. These meetings are open to the public! Stay informed and make your voice heard regarding the future of YOUR Public Library!

2018 Board of Trustees’ Meeting Dates:
Thu 01/11/2018
Thu 02/08/2018
Thu 03/08/2018
Thu 04/12/2018
Thu 05/10/2018
Thu 06/14/2018
Thu 07/12/2018
Thu 08/09/2018
Thu 09/13/2018
Thu 10/11/2018
Thu 11/08/2018
Thu 12/13/2018

Library Director:

Jacqueline LaPolla

Board of Trustees:

Ed Carew, President
Eileen Koutnik-Fotopoulis, Vice President
Gaylee Benedict, Treasurer
Jim Bacci, Secretary
Joe Wedick
Leslie Kotzas
Sue Kleinberg
Victoria Pacheco, Liason to Keyport Borough Council
Harry Aumack, Mayor of Keyport
Lisa Savoia, Superintendent of Schools